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ExPluribusUnum, or "one from many", is the Shortest Way to Describe My Theology.

I believe that we are all mere human beings trying to make sense of our existence; so we should keep that in mind when we interact with one another. We are one people, composed of many persons. "God" is found in the love we share. The only way to get to that holy place is to practice more love!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Have you been counted?

I received my 2010 Census the day they were to be sent out. I filled it in, making sure to mark my partner as "husband", and mailed it back the very next day.

Imagine my surprise when I received another form, clearly telling me that my participation was mandated by the Constitution (as did the first). At first, I thought that perhaps my carefully completed form had been misplaced and would not be counted. But then I figured that the bureau probably just sent out duplicates to ensure a higher count, and that sending in another form would screw up the count.

Turns out I was right about the duplicate mailings. See: Americans Get Mixed Messages About Census - AOL News
But since every form is barcoded, can they actually double-count? Not so sure.

Anyway, here's a live look at my neighborhood count. As of April 6, 2010, it is at 57% - which is just below the national average.

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