My Theology

ExPluribusUnum, or "one from many", is the Shortest Way to Describe My Theology.

I believe that we are all mere human beings trying to make sense of our existence; so we should keep that in mind when we interact with one another. We are one people, composed of many persons. "God" is found in the love we share. The only way to get to that holy place is to practice more love!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Prayer

O God - Source of all,

Dear Spirit of Life,

We are thankful for this day of gathering, feasting and celebration; for the opportunity once again to sit and eat and be with one another.

We are appreciative of all hands that made today's meal possible - those that planted, those that tended, those that harvested and prepared, those that cooked and those that served.

We are grateful for the sunlight and the rains, for the soil and its nutrients, for the winds that bore seed - in short, for the wondrous miracle of existence.

We are mindful of all these things and more, on this day, set aside for such a purpose, and we pray that we might carry such mindfulness into all the rest of our days.

May this gathering and the sharing of this meal be blessed and a blessing for all.


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