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ExPluribusUnum, or "one from many", is the Shortest Way to Describe My Theology.

I believe that we are all mere human beings trying to make sense of our existence; so we should keep that in mind when we interact with one another. We are one people, composed of many persons. "God" is found in the love we share. The only way to get to that holy place is to practice more love!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Finally going on a writing spree!

Yesterday, April 17, 2009, mere days after my 30th birthday, I officially became the Baltimore Unitarian Universalist Examiner. As you can tell by the dearth of material on this blog, whose address I have never given to anyone, I don't write as much as I would like to. That is all going to change now!

I've been feeling overwhelmed a lot over the past year - with work, with church committees, with starting a new life together with my partner, with balding and losing my ertswhile perpetually slim figure. A lot has been going on, and it seems that with the pace of technological advancement these days, if you step out of the stream for too long everything rushes past you and leaves you discombobulated upon re-entry into the swing of things. Well, I'm done with discombobulation! I'm going to write, and write, and write. It's going to be my spiritual practice for 2009. Letters, articles, blog entries, post cards, essays, maybe even poetry. Being 30 is re-awakening my muse(s). I'm so excited!

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